Our new rewards programme makes your shopping worth while right from the beginning.

For each Euro you order we give you a V-coin loyalty point worth 10 cents. E.g. for an order value of Euro 78, - you will be credited 78 V-coins on your bonus account.


Thus you are being granted a lush discount of – 10 %!

V-coins can be acquired for every item offered in our shop. V-coins will be credited for the actual invoice total (excluding freight charges). E.g. order value Euro 78,- less a voucher of Euro 30,- = Euro 48,- invoice total equals 48 V-coins.


Our rewards programme is completely free of charge for you and you will be credited the corresponding value to your bonus account already as of your first order.


Your V-coin account balance


Click on "my account"/"loyalty points" and get an overview of your current V-coin balance on your points account.


V-coins will be credited to your points account after the successful completion of the transaction.



How to use your V-coins


You have your collected V-coins at your disposal as of your next order. With the convenient slider bar in the shopping cart you may decide yourself how many loyalty points you wish to redeem.

Please note that a cash settlement of your V-coins as well as a tranfer to a third party is NOT possible. If you have any questions, please turn to our customer service. service@veganbag.at


 Except items are: literature, charity, vouchers and special offers.